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jobs. without the income tax they were forced to limit the growth of their government. every state has prisons, schools but they find a way to fund those for less. those nine states gained population from other states, increase jobs four point* 9%. the other states declined. competition between neighboring states keeps them from indulging. new hampshire kept vermont politicians from going crazy. the existence of arizona and nevada teacher the california legislator from going crazy. they still do despite so many people moving. but it is good we have
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places like texas. smaller government means gross and a gradual increase while california shrinks. i hope the country watches and learns. that is our show. oee you next time. seven.
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the white house and state department confirming only the presence of some american citizens among the hostages, obviously relying principally on the algerian government for most of its information, although the united states has had drones over that plant for much of the time. so at this hour this is what we do know, that the algerian government has concluded its operations against the terrorists that the incident is ending. some north african news outlets have claimed that at least 35 captives were killed in the algerian military rescue attacks the "wall street journal" is reporting algerian government
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sources putting the number of casualties to be ten or perhaps 11. this is what reuters news service is reporting. thirty hostages killed when the algerian forces stormed the plant. two of them japanese, to -- a french national. the nationalities of the rest as well as those who escaped remain unclear at this hour, and those rescued. fox news, however, confirms that at least two americans are among those who escaped and are on their way out of algeria heading to london. still, as many as seven americans are reportedly missing at this hour, as i said, all of this is very fluid, and many of these numbers are going to change as we learn more, hopefully far more during the course of this hour. meanwhile, reporting that the al qaeda offshoot group was made up of a combination of the egyptians, algerians, two nations, libyans, malayans, and
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french among others and that at least 11 of those terrorists were killed. house intelligence committee chairman, congressman mike rogers telling fox news that al qaa in north africa likely pulled the trigger on an operaon that was already in the pipeline. so who is this group? what i their goals? how closely affiliated with al qaeda? is the united states prepared for a resurgent al qaeda in any form weather in north africa or in any other reason? those questions we hope to answer here tonight. former cia operative michael sawyer joins us, middle east affairs and author and columnis and member of the council on foreign relations monicker crowley among our guests tonight. we begin with it jennifer griffith who has the latest on was spared the hostage crisis and the fate of those involved.
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>> the kidnappers themselves said they took dozens of hostages at the bp oil and gas facility in response to algeria giving the french permission to fly into neighboring mali where french troops are trying to push back al qaeda-ling to preble's. >> instability in mali has created the opportunity for a staging base and safe haven for terrorists. >> more than 41 foreign oil workers were captured by the al qaeda-linked group whose leader lost an eye fighting in afghanistan. dozens of areas were also taken and then released. it is one of the largest hostage-taking incidents in recent memory. at 7:00 a.m. eastern algerian forces which had surrounded the dp complex without telling their u.s. partners stormed the facility using helicopter gunships to strafe the kidnappers as they tried to escape. algerian officials admit there were casualties. up to seven americans are still missing.
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>> citizens are among boston's is, but we don't have, at this point, more details to provide to you. we are certainly among -- seeking reports a loss of life and are seeking clarity. >> they rejected offers of u.s. help in u.s. special operations teams remained on standby in nearby europe. an unarmed u.s. drone was repositioned over the complex. >> al qaeda are still there. still a threat, yemen, somalia, the threat as we speak in mali. >> former state department officials say that the instability in mali and algeria is directly related to the decisi to intervene in libya and overthrow khaddafi, whose african mercenaries fled back home. >> clear that the collapse of the regime was the flame that sparked all this. you could argue it might have happened anyway, but clearly having that influx of heavily armed and well trained fighters going into countries that had
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existing problems exacerbated those problems. lou: at the end of the bush administration the state department considered mali a success story, a model of democcacy, but the instability that came out of libya and the foreign fighters a return to the region after the zero iraqi war ended has caused a fight against haiti to move down in north africa. lou: thank you. but his national security correspondent. joing us now, the council on foreign relations, fox is contributor. former cia operative and that of the tracking unit michael sawyer. good to have you all with this. let me begin with ou. the leer of this group of terrorists, he has appeared out of nowhere. what we know about them? >> not exactly a household name until now. we do know is that the northern part of mali, the northern half
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of the country has fallen under the control of three hardcourt al qaeda groups. this is the leader of the major one. he has one eye, lost an eye fighting in afghanistan, and he has known to be an unrepentant al qaeda terrorist. we can also pretty much deduce that based on the lack of a strong american response or frankly any american response to the courage in benghazi when we lost four americans, four americans killed, including the personal representative of the president of the united states, u.s. ambassador, that al qaeda leaders like this man had taken a signal that the united tates is not calling to move aggressively in this kind of action. will we see coming out of benghazi, the failure to respond is an emboldened al qaeda, not just in mali and nigeria, elsewhere in africa, but around the world. lou: do you agree with monica on that? >> i don't think so. we know a lot.
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he is the closest thing that we have seen in terms of his ability to get along with different ethnic groups and different religious associations he is a very talented man, a very good organizer. i think in gauzy was important. it is not surprising that the obama administration did not submit -- respond, but you have to look beyond -- that is a minor blip. they were defeated in a rock in afghanistan. the american people don't seem to perceive that. the muslim world sees it very clearly. been both superpowers, and that is the issue we are facing. a movement that is not -- if we are l done facing it in mali, algeria, somalia, pakistan, looking at it as kind of separate issues, t is all one movement, all sol -- self perpetuating, and it is all motivated by our intervention.
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the french have united a very disparate group of islamist organizations and molly by intervening there. lou: and as michael is it out, the united states debated, as he characterized, and by the way, i am not sure that the national media even confronts that certain reality that the united states has lost. those are not words that trip easily off the american time. >> no, but these are the consistent notions, perceptions. absolutely. if you listen to them, read their statements, including the few weeks ago, you pretty much convinced that we have been defeated. we have been defeated in benghazi, and now, because you may see in a few weeks, statements by factions say we are now fighting the french. does not matter if they lose
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people on the ground. they're fighting now. the international community, of course, in this issue. the most important thing in my perspective is, who are we fighting? there is a notion in washington that these are thugs, extremists. they don't know what hey want, traveling from libya. that is how things happened. out of all. this is a federation of organizations. offshoots or divisions. this is an internal business. the same flag across north africa. the same ideology, the war room. they decide to attack. they decide to move which prompted the french to intervene, and they decided to attack the international center. that's pretty much an army. not just dispersed. lou: the algerian military has concluded its operations against the terrorists who had been holding the hostages and that gas complex in eastern algeria. it is at an end. we will have further
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developments with more on the numbers of those who are alive, successfully rescued as we continue our coverage on the algerian hostage-taking. the terrorist group response will be taking a as we continue here. stay with us. we're coming right back. some local police and sheriff's don't want to enforce a federal laws if they are prohibited from enforcing federal immigration laws. they don't certainly want to enforce federal laws they deemed to be unconstitutional. oregon sheriff tim mueller says it is all about the second amendment. he joins us next. executive orders, executive actions. this president's actions on the second amendment constitution. attorneys join us to argue the issues and the cnstitution.
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issues and the cnstitution. the.
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♪ lou: well, the algerian government reportedly rejected offers of help from the united states and european powers, and there are also reports that they rejected a request by the white house to be extraordinarily careful and cautious in dealing with the hostages' situation. they attacked without informing the white house or european or the japanese capital's. we will continue the discussion and find out what has happened and why taking a look now at the economy, its effect on the market today, good news, jobless claims dropping sharply last week, down to the lowest levels, in fact, since january of 2008.
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the housing sector showing its best performance in four year last month. housing for all of last year rising 28 percent, increases seen across the entire country. the good news includes permits for new start-ups. up 30% last year. the good newsdriving the snb to its best finish since late 2007 with stock prices closed higher for a third straight day. the dow up 85 points, s&p up eight to monastic 18 and a half. a 5-year high. volume on the big board, volume picking up. to bank stocks hurting the dow performance. bank of america reporting disappointing earnings. profits last 63 percent by charges related to billions of dollars in settlements on bad mortgages. city profits down 3% taking a $2 billion charge for litigation costs. not all banks disappointed.
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pnc profits surging 47%. investors applauding pushing the stock up almost 4%. commodities also hot. the combination of improving onomy and boston chicken in algeria's and crude oil prices surging and dollar and a quarter to almost 95 and have dollars a barrel. gold of 770. $16.90 an ounce. in the credit market the treasury's ten year down just and a half point in price. the year rising. we are back now. i want to get your reaction, if i may, as to what is your reaction to these reports that the white house, the obama administration was cautioning the algerian government on how to respond to this hostage taking and this group of terrorists? >> i think that is probably exactly right. i think the algerians are very experienced people at fighting, and they don't give a lot of time to develop.
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i think it is probably very crude to say that i think the algerians value that gas production more than the people that were being held hostage. there were very worried about the plan being destroyed. i think that i why they moved right away. >> they were concerned, and i heard it in my debate. the americans and the french could do it. there was a draw fying. special forces moving. they looked very conceed that we would go in and therefore they could not absorb a politically. they went. lou: ignored by washington, european capitalists. >> what i think the algerians understood, knowing what they
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know about those g how this, if they don't terminate the issue very quickly, there are other cell this is not just for overseas. algeria itself, there were other strikes elsewhere. the warrants and up from the beginning of. lou: and this calculus that is what michael and will lead our suggesting is absolutely foreign to this administration, the previous ministrations thinking on how to deal with al qaeda. >> exactly right. it does seem to be something of a turning point, but the whole dynamic in the region has changed. up to the north and to the east, but even with the northern europe. excuse me, northern africa because what we're seeing now is with the removal of khaddafi the, as has been reported, it to create a power vacuum. we know that he is on the scripts for operating in libya even when cannot the s in power, but his removal has
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created an enormous vacuum which is why you're seeing the collapse of some of these. lou: i want to get to your point on the business decision. a lot of people don't realize it. algeria, incombination with libya, there i a 15 percent shortage right now in natural gas to europe as a result of that shut down of that one complex. this is a very tricky matter for both europe and the united states. again, the european involvement in the engagement, the french are taking the lead. not doing so out of their economic interests, but rather a political response. sort that out for us. what would you expect to be the consequences? >> what they have done is, the group's generally in northwest
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africa are very ethnically different, religiously different grievances will probably primarily local. al qaeda works zero ways to unite these people and focus them on foreign powers, especially western powers. what the french have done as proof that god is great because they have now put troops on the ground, a foreign colonial power has returned to their colonial power country with there western friends in the u.s., and they know have something that will unite all of these groups. and i think the only thing that we have going for us at the moment is energy is of very hard not for the islamists to crack. if they destroy plants and wells and muslim countries, it puts muslims out of work. i think it is very instructive that the people that took this test plan did not kill a muslims
10:23 pm
intentionally. in fact, the let them go. lou: i can only caution this. we don't yet know. unworn. >> 600 of them that got away. lou: 600 dead, and then the numbers become in the foggy. we are still waiting to have a reliable and concrete update. you get the last word here. future prospects on the war against al qaeda? >> unfortunately al qaeda is not on the path to decline. what we saw in benghazi, number algeria, it's all indicating that they are on the path to expand. the path of expansion, not falling down. lou: thank you very much. we appreciated. thank you. up next, an oregon sheriff stands up to the assault on the second amendment. he refuses to enforce any laws against unconstitutional. he is our guest here next.
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a new analysis puts the number on how often the president ignores fox news in favor of his friends in the liberal mainstream media. it is an interesting number. and so much more straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you don't have to be a golf pro to walk like one. ♪ when you walk 10,000 steps a day, it's t same as walking professional golf course. humana. health and well-being partner of the pga tour.
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lou: we're going to update you throughout the hour as more details emerge from algerian hostage taking that has been concluded by algerian military, algeria state news agency saying special forces completed their operation to free the hostages, giving no new toll numbers for either the dead, hostages who escaped or the terrorists, described as a multinational terrorist group, earlier. algerian television had
10:28 pm
mentioned who died but we cannot confirm that. the terrorists, had dozens that were killed in the assault. the algier ja algerian governmeg that number is far fewer, perhaps no more than 10 or 11, i say, it is at least a better number if you will, than the 30 to 35 that have been reported earlier. we'll keep you up dated throughout the hour. lou: several state officials across this country say, they are fighting back again any effort by federal government to impose new gun control laws they consider unconstitutional. at issue is the president's call for legislation to ban assault weapons as well as a number of executive actio and orders. our next guest wrote a letter to vice president this week, stating quote. any federal regulation enabled by congress or executive order
10:29 pm
of the president offensing constitutional rights of my citizens shall not be en forced by me or my deputies, we're pleased to welcome sheriff tim mueller of lynn county, oregon. i would leak to start by asking -- like to start by asking reaction, to those you serve, what has been the preponderance of their reaction. >> overwhelmingly supportive, that is know under statent, since we sent this out, they have been telling me they had people coming to them all day long, making a special point to come up and tell them to pass on their thanks for looking out for them, and standing up. and being heard. yeah, here in lynn county, it's
10:30 pm
been supportive. lou: at the sale time in -- at the same time in the say the capital of oregon, olympia you have folks trying to impose gun control legislation at the state level, what is going to be the reaction there to that proposed legislation, in your judgment? >> we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. we'll see what comes out of the state capital, in salem. you know. this is all up for debate right now, legislator will be in session very soon. we'll see what happens and we'll keep our eye on it, and that said, the sheriffs in oregon are offering up our input. to hithe legislature, letting tm know where he stand on it. lou: as you should, you are an elected official as well as sheriff of the county. >> correct, being sheriff is a
10:31 pm
unique position, only elected law enforcement official in the country. lou: and the sheriffs play a vital role in law enforcement, most people know and are appreciative of. you have expressed concerned about the executive orders of the president, you have concerns about number 6, says public a letter from atf to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks on private sellers, they were pretty well prepared if are that letter, weren't they? >> i believe so, that will require a lot more explanation on their part. if that indicates that they are pursuing, prohibiting private sale and transfer, among private
10:32 pm
parties it will be interesting how they approach that. lou: this is a letter from the justice department, saying, to all who hold licenses, federal firearm licenses, that they are going to be engaged in providing background checks, going to the national background check system of the ncis to have a background check for gun shows and private sales, correct? >> as far as private sales, i'm not 100% sure on that one, lou, the gun shows here in oregon, we do, you know, up toen and colliding myself as merv sheriff, i purchased a pistol here years okay and i went through the back group check as any oregon citizen would, they take your thumb print, and
10:33 pm
paperwork and dealer calls line for the ocean state police, they run a quick check on you through the law enforcement data system, they determine whether or not you are convicted felon and able or unable to legally purchase that firearm. i mean, most of the people that i know, and that citizens out there, pretty reasonable group of folks we have here 9 in lynn county oregon, they understand and appreciate that, it does keep the guns out of hands of people that cannot get them legally. that piece works well here. lou: you would support, if you will, a universal background check, then, is that correct? >> i do. i do support, that i have supported that, a number of my colleagues as well, the part that i'm confused on as far as the executive orders how that
10:34 pm
addresses private transfer, sales between two just individuals citizens who may befriends and they want to -- somebody has a .3030 win shifter that the other is interest -- winchester that someone since rifted in and he wants to sell it to his friend. how do you track that. do have you a gun track or that? i am very opposed to. that is it on the honor system? there are a lot of unanswered questions. i'm sure there will be a lot of dialogue on this before it is fleshed out, i would be interested in hearing about it maybe being part of the solution. lou: it sounds like you will be part of the solution, we appreciate you being with us, we'll hope you will come back. and yo you know a couple folks n oregon there in lynn county want to sell one another a model 94
10:35 pm
winchester it ought to be straightforward, we don't need a lot of government on that. >> we think so. lou: we appreciate you being with us, more on the president's assault on second amendment, how it may affect all of our freedoms as we connue here on "lou dobbs tonight." stay with us, we'll come right back. >> capital readies for the president's second term, his inauguration is monday, but there is not as much excitement, have you noticeded? why is that? the a-team is next. >> your money, their stimulus, 16 billion funds green energy firms, and a quarter of that going to foreign firms, what is that about? we'll tell y next. >> now that we know the president's plans for gun control. do youemember when he said he wasn't going after your guns? ar the president's actions
10:36 pm
unconstitutional. we have attorneys joining us next.
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lou: well despite the growing chorus of voicing questioning the president's gun control and actions our next guest said that his exictive orders are constitutional. joining us, thank you, faith. let's start with the sheriff. who along with other people are saying. in this law enforcement, saying they are not going to enforce laws they deem to be unconstitutional. your reaction? >> they will have a problem, there is something called preemption, federal law, if there is a state law in conflict with the federal law, the federal law is the law that governs, they will have a real issue, if they just say, we
10:40 pm
don't care the laws are on the books, we're not going to abide by them. lou: what is the difference between that and immigration law, the president said, don't enforce? both are on the books. which one will you prosecute? fellow says? president who says don't enforce the law that is the law or prosecute the fellow that said the law in his judgment is not a constitutional. and like the immigration law i'm not enforcing it either. >> all i can say in this particular case, if the sheriff decides not to abide by federal law, he/8 bk and says i'm not goingen to forces it, he will have an issue. >> the sheriff is seems to be a great american, his intentions are coming from the right place, however, if every sheriff reacted that way to every law that he thought, every federal law that -- forget about gun
10:41 pm
control. we would have anarchy. best example, i'm a lawyer now, brown vs board of education, that you have to let black kids in school, they said no, what happened, the national guard came in. >> you are going back 50 years. >> that is a great example. lou: but the sheriff didn't say high would violate the law. -- did not say he would violate the law. i just want to know. he is not violating a law, should we incarcerate sheriffs who don't enforce immigration law because the obama justice department said don't do that. >> the way you sort it out, you look at what this executive
10:42 pm
order is, one aspect, semiautomatic, extended clips, okay? if u.s. of america, federal government knows that it is safe, has all -- that faith that all the weapons in her home, and they call sheriff inning or saying, we need you to go get them, and he says no sir, i am not saying they will lock him up but the fbi will come in and take them. lou: what law is violated and what should -- by the sheriff? >> look at this, this sheriff said, he wrote a letter, said any law that offended. lou: he still has first amendment rights? >> yes. >> and he has second amendment rights too but there are restricts and regulations on first and second amendment, just because you have the right to bear arms, the discussion does not end there, just like the first amendment.
10:43 pm
look at all of the free speech we've deregulated, you can't defame people. lou: i want to be a country boy here -- >> i'm from louisiana. lou: we'll communicate well, brooklyn. this law is -- these orders, i'm saying hypothetically, they are unconstitutional, he will not violat -- but again, he is not, he is not. >> scalia or alito. lou: he is not trying to invalidate the federal law or judgment of the president, he is saying as the electioning sheriff of that county, he is not going to enforce it. neither one of you has answered my question. >> which is? lou: what is the giv difference between him not enforcing that law and president saying do not enforce imgre immigration law, y
10:44 pm
are on the book. >> will he get in trouble if he dozen force the immigration law, noel not that is in the books. lou: there are lawsuit all over about that. >> here is what is happening. >> sheriff i don't think you will ever get in trouble. i am not in oregon much but -- >> he will take care of you. >> if the decision to made that the federal government decides we'll go after individuals who are not enforcing the law, that is when we will have a problem. lou: i want to know what law he has violated and they go after him, they are being an oprossive and tyrannical government. the great thing about that seat, i get to be the judge, thank you, both. >> up tomorrow, we'll be joined by attorney, author, conservative, ann coulter, and
10:45 pm
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lou: it's you know sometimes president obama's called things like nar narcissist in chief, hs ego may be on display, if all we're hearing about the jawg jawg thiinauguration this time s accurate. with 8 americans whose lives have been iroved by president obama, selected by thees without
10:49 pm
house or inspired. the more we hear about his john pauallinaugural event. the more we think about a spend or movie. i actually think that cleopatra entering rome thing, thank you cecil b demill might be something to work toward. talk about american exceptionalism now we're talking, joining me now is the a-team. i have to ask you michael, what do you think? party seems to be slimmed down a little bit from 11 balls in 2009 to this year, we're looking at 2, one a military ball? >> look, i think that president does not have a lot of interest in the balls, but he does have a lot of interest in the spectical
10:50 pm
himself. it is the roman responsibility to ride in the bac of the chairiot, we're humans, someone should tell the president that every once in a while. lou: you are not amused by my suggestion? >> i'm amused. it is irrelevant, the president did not have anything to do with picking the 8 folks, it is not his idea. he isiz year these days than having to pick, no who will speak at his inauguration. lou: perhaps he is, but the idea that we're given to pomp and circstance developed here, i was just excited about the idea perhaps not. >> the movie comes later. lou: they tried the first one, i get a kick out of that. what is your react to this 06 --
10:51 pm
what is it "zero dark thirty"? all republicans hated it when they heard they were talking with a producer edirector and now the democrats hate it after they found out there is torture in it, and people are doing what they have to, to pursue national interest, your reaction? >> my reaction, it is a movie, they can do whatever they want. i have not seen it i'm not going to comment on those things, but i don't get all excited about that sort of, you know, is every scene true, is it not? is are there tortures scenes that were not real? i don't know, and the -- this we have first amendment, the movie producers can do whatever they want. lou: we'll take up the next amendment in correct order, second amendment. next as we continue with the a-team. stay with us.
10:52 pm
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lou: well we're back with the a-team, monica, your thoughts. >> yes, i just want to remind steve that the president was not too biz to personally hand select beyonce to sing national anthem at the inaugural. >> it is beyonce after all, not your 8 average citizens it is beyonce. >> yes, the -- >> steve said that with a certain amount of emotion. >> i think that they found the only 8 citizens who have benefitted by president obama. lou: you are not on the top, i can assure you that.
10:56 pm
speaking on the news, bob shafer talking about the president's comments, as he announced his proposal, look how he compares president obama taking on gun owners. >> surely, fines osama bin laden surely passing civil rights legislation, as lyndon johnson did, and surely defeating nazis, waa much more form it able task than taking on the gun lobby. this is a turning point in this country. and the president, is going to have to to do more than just make a speech about it, this is one of the best speeches i heard him deliver. but it will take more than that from the white house, he will have to get his hands dirty. lou: exciting when you hear a man talk truth to power like that. >> it soups like he was reading it -- it looked likely was reading it he scripted those, i
10:57 pm
think any time get into comparing anything to naziism, to gag like thatto -- going likn gone too far, talking about law abiding americans, i think that is about as far off base as you can get lou: steve? >> well, i don't disagree with what he is saying, i don't like language, like the gun lobby as if they are the enemy or the cause of newtown, and i don't like the accusation that president obama wants to take away people's guns, there is good ideas on both sides, let's have a little bit more of practical problem solving in washington, we ought to have guards in every school, our children are vulnerible. lou: the president will be app poe flect tick yoflect tick you.
10:58 pm
>> you are right. >> we're out of time. >> also good too. thank you very much steve, thank you monica crowley, heavy duty, thank you. michael goodwin tha you, that is it for us, be with us
10:59 pm

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